Unread books

This work overlaps words and data in time while deleting the previous meanings and creating new content. It is completed through the interaction with the audience. The audience notices the words, consciously or unconsciously and participates in creating a story, a new context.

Transformed books do not intermediate knowledge, nor information, nothing can be found out through them, nothing to learn, nothing to cite; they cannot be read nor looked, only imply a few unconnected words which float, dive and rise giving the possibility for the observer to read out the text by himself.


technical description:

technique : installation

dimensions : 18 parts, each 135 x 50 cm

year: 2016


2016. Unread books, Šira, Zagreb, Croatia


2016. Rector’s Award for Student Excellence, University of Zagreb, Croatia

2016. RCAA young European art award, Vienna, Austria

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