Astronaut(s) without a spaceship

The concept of this work is related to space exploration/exploitation. One of the focuses is also the term terraforming (a hypothetical process of atmospheric, temperature, topographic or ecological adaptation of a celestial body to the conditions of life on Earth) and its use when talking about planet Earth in relation to other heavenly bodies. There is a discussion about terraforming Moon or Mars, but soon we will need to “terraform” Earth.
In the past 10 years, space exploration and traveling have again become a big topic with many discussions, from statements like we need to be multiplanet species to asteroid mining. There is a noticeable increase in this space race, not only between nations but also between private companies.
What is the logic between the new race? For whom will this “new world” on Earth or some other astronomical body be built? How far can the exploitation of resources on and around Earth be stretched?
My interest in “space exploration” began around 2019 when I stumbled upon a document about the establishment of a Centre for space and innovative technology in my hometown – Sisak.
As part of my first reflection on my hometown’s space agency, I have done and documented several performances realized in my hometown’s forest near the former Iron factory and the Oil Refinery.

2020/2021 performances realized in Sisak -Caprag’s forest near the former Iron factory and the Oil Refinery

Thinking about possibilities where space exploration and exploitation can lead us, I received the opportunity to participate in a program called Analog Astronaut Training Centre as part of ESA’s ILEWG EuroMoonMars initiative.

2022, EMMPOL Poland, Analog Astronaut Training Center, Poland

In August 2022, I was part of Analog Astronaut Training in Poland. I saw my participation there as a weeklong performance, in a way infiltrating the (all scientist) crew, but also as an observer who learns from fellow scientists and records everyday events and experiments on the site.

The first documentation and the works that follow the performances and experience in AATC have been shown in Palmera, Bergen, Norway.

2022. Astronaut(s) without a spaceship, Palmera, Bergen, Norway

technical description:

year: 2022 –

medium: storytelling installation

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