Why Am I Seeing This?

Images have always been with us, including the image of the world. At different times and in different places there are different images of the world, and that is why history and comparative anthropology are not just descriptions of events and practices, but representations of events and practices.

The notion of “the real” is even more debated in an era when the highly-optimized interaction loops, a personal news feed, bots, automatically generated content, fake news, the possibility to immerse into augmented reality, and ever-getting smarter AI is challenging the very nature of “reality” and shaping new conditions of human perception.

Information, Communication, and Technologies (ICT) are affecting who we are, how we socialize, our concept of reality (our metaphysics), and our interaction with reality, but how are the ICT shape human perception (while we humans shape technologies) and into what?

Worldwide human life is redirected to the online world, where a new worldview is being produced by making, watching, and circulating data in enormous quantities.

Networks have redistributed and expanded the viewing space, but most of the digital platforms that we use every day are not only collecting the information about us as users but also are filtering all the accessible information according to „our“needs, and showing us the material they think would be of our best interest.  We, as users may have the feeling of the useful personalized everyday landscape, individual decision making, and freedom of choice, but all that can be part of our own personal bubble world, a comfortable illusion.

The problem with bubble vision is that users are in intellectual isolation, in a so-called “parallel information universe”, which feeds itself. As a result, users become separated from information that disagrees with their viewpoints, effectively isolating them in their own cultural or ideological bubbles.

The information and the image that we see are becoming our perception of the world, our point of view, and understanding of reality – the foundation for thought and action.

2020. Millennial, 35. Salon mladih, HDLU, Zagreb, Croatia (Grand prix)


2021. Why am I seeing this?, Mavena, Split, Croatia
technical description
 video installation, 4 synchronized videos each 09:30 min

The project was created in collaboration with scientists from the Joint Research Centre, European Commission in Ispra, Italy; Ian Vollbracht, Stephane Chaudron, Nicole Dewandre, and curator Freddy Paul Grunert.



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