Twilight zone, snapchat, camera, text to speech

Today in the ever-changing world of quick shifting realities, the comprehension of what we think we know about the world is changing rapidly. In the past ten years the development of technology speed up exponentially. Did this change been for easier and better for living? Or is technology changing and reshaping our consciousness and ways of thinking which cannot yet be imagined?

Our perception and an experience of the world undoubtedly changed. Just look at our daily online communication. Nowadays it’s not only happening through text but also through images, videos, GIFs, twitter posts, blogs, games, Skype and group chats. Even if we’re far away from our friends and relatives we can still connect instantly and vividly as almost being physically present. But all that information is leaving a digital footprint that can be followed to the source and potentially misused.

We are transiting into a post-information and post-human age that is radical transformation our way and nature of living, being and understanding the world that surrounds us. Furthermore, on a personal scale, the boundary between online and offline life has disappeared. The most intimate part of our lives have become slice of virtual world that draws the strength from the media. How has the everyday online – offline interaction changed the experience of the world around us and influenced our daily visual perception?

Twilight zone, snapchat, camera, text to speech (2018) from Ivana on Vimeo.


This project was realized as part of the Summer Sessions Talent Development Network and is a coproduction of Metamedia Association and V2_Institute for unstable media.


IMG_20180907_1513212018. Summer Sessions 2018 (Kunstavond XL), V2_ Lab, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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