Paradise now_

The term hyper-reality marks a new concurrence of circumstances in which disappears every tension between reality and illusion, between reality as it is and as it could be.

Time and space, drastically compressed by the computer, have become interchangeable. Time is compressed in that once everything has been reduced to ‘bits’ of information, it becomes simultaneously accessible. Space is compressed in that once everything has been reduced to ‘bits’ of information, it can be conveyed from A to B with the speed of light. As a result of digitization, everything is in the here and now. The information on whole world is on internet and salvation is just a WIFI away.

Do we look at the world with the same eyes as our ancestors? How has the way we see reality changed due to technology, media and screens?How is our relationship with technology? Do we live through technology? Did we find the long-awaited utopia in virtual reality or does the virtual reality amplify society’s hysteria and schizophrenia, lowering focus and awareness?

The notion of “the real” continues to be hotly debated in an era when the internet, virtual reality, cyber theory, and bioethics challenge the very nature of “reality”.

video still (2)

videos_    01 , 02 , 03 , 04

  1. Paradise now_, gallery Izidor Kršnjavi, School of Applied Art and Design, Zagreb, Croatia
  2. Paradise now_ _twilight zone, snapchat, camera, text to speech, Gallery Kazamat, Osijek, Croatia

📷 Ivana Škvorčević

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